In the Central Baltic (CB) countries, there is a need to develop current education regarding resource efficiency, which is a relatively new and complex issue. Lahti University of Applied Sciences (FI), University of Gävle (SWE) and University of Latvia (LV) are answering this need by developing higher vocational education training (VET) together to better match the needs of companies.


The objective is to develop aligned higher VET in resource efficiency in study programs as a response to the current sustainability requirements of companies through 1) Aligning and producing learning content to be used in higher environmental VET studies; 2) Producing a channel to share aligned materials; 3) Implementing joint innovative cooperation between companies and higher VET to ensure better matching work opportunities of sustainable business. The activities enable the creation of the holistic view of students and companies in the theme of resource efficiency and circular economy.


As the main result of the project aligned curricula content, learning package “Resource efficiency and circular economy” is created. The content is implemented in three higher VET institutions in CB region. The result is achieved through the outputs 1) 10 ETCS of aligned and newly created curricula content 2) E-learning web portal to share the aligned curricula content 3) 12 practical case studies for companies in international student groups.

PROJECT PERIOD: 1.3.2018 – 30.11.2020

PROJECT FUNDING: Central Baltic 2014-2020

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